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Audio Library Overview

The Yeshivas Ohr Reuven audio library is a growing collection of shiurim from the Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Bezalel Rudinsky as well as other Rebbeim.

The audio library contains all shiurim recorded at the yeshiva and at yeshiva events, and is updated on a daily basis when yeshiva is in session.

There are thousands of shiurim in our library, and we are continuously cataloguing old archives and releasing to them to the public as they are properly catalogued and tagged. We currently have a digital archive from every shiur given in Yeshiva since 2003. We are cataloging and organizing these shiurim for release on the website, one year at a time.

All shiurim are provided free of charge, with the philosophy that Torah should be available anywhere anytime. Please utilize and spread the word. We do suggest giving the yeshiva a donation if you use this website.

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